Week 6 | Meaningful Findings

I have looked at a number of aspects during the course of my site analysis but there are a couple of conditions which appeal to me and which I will focus on. They are:

  1. Context buildings – Southbank has a number of key architectural exemplars such as the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC), Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), the State Library and more recently the ABC Headquarters and the new Convention and Exhibition Centre. Each of these buildings has its own distinctive architectural characteristics and between them there is a wide range of design attributes including form, materiality, climate response, etc. I think this variety and the individualism of these buildings adds depth to the area, it adds interest. Southbank and close suburbs (e.g. West End, South Brisbane) are cultural precincts and encourage a strong community atmosphere and while variety and individualism are inherent in communities, their success comes when the parts fit together to service the whole. The planning structures and connections between the buildings are elements which help to connect these to create a functional whole. So while there are examples of design variety, these examples still respect the context in which they lie so that the community as a whole may function together. 
  2. The site, positioned in close proximity to these precincts has strong connections on a wider scale but on a human scale these relationships are weakened by factors such as lack of visual access, distance to walk may put off some potential visitors, etc. Therefore, while there are still plenty of pedestrians passing by the site, as a community engagement center virtual networks could dramatically improve the buildings involvement with the wider community.

These two conditions are the most interesting to me and are the influencing force for my design concept.



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