Week 12 | Influence of a real-world scenario

Having a real client, site and so forth has certainly added a positive new dimension to the assignment and generally I think the benefit has been in focussing concentration on developing something which is more ‘realistic’; by adding a degree of practicality which has been absent or at least present in a minor form from previous units.

It seems to me that the earlier units have focused on developing creativity and original ideas and while this is important, the nature of real world practice is that creativity must be controlled or narrowed (as a result of financial and other interests from clients and stakeholders). Therefore it is much easier to have developed creativity and to narrow it than to be taught practicality and then have to widen it. For me, the narrowing process or using real world scenarios in this design project has been interesting in learning to control or to use creativity in an effective way that incorporates the practicalities of the client and site as well as providing an interesting, creative design.


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